Every individual nowadays uses social media for personal and professional purpose. Traces of valuable information can be found on these platforms during a long course of time. Information such as personal/professional interests, incline towards a particular topic or joining a specific professional group can be very important for another person, especially if the latter has a business proposition for the former. All this information is present across world wide web, but helpful only when relevant information based on service offerings is gathered and organized.

Social Media Intelligence helps to gather insights on accounts / targeted decision makers and provides valuable insights that can drive intelligence. The data captured from social listening is organized and relevant insights are derived from them. Given the amount of data that is generated every day filtering this data is a difficult challenge and can be time consuming for in house teams. Beyond Codes uses its people, process and tools to filter relevant information and combine it with information from sources to deliver actionable insights.

How We Deliver

  • Monitor social media accounts of key executives and target accounts
  • Setup triggers / alerts for key information like senior executive hiring, new strategic initiatives, events attending etc.

Why Us

  • Weekly report of relevant information, cutting through the loads of information generated every week
  • Access to multiple databases and primary research allows us to connect the relevant dots

Our Differentiators

People, Process & Systems

People, Process & Systems, the three pillars of our organizations delivery framework.

Call SMART Model

Our proprietary Call SMART methodology connects you to the right decision-makers and influencers in the industry with more predictable ROI

Compliance and Quality Assurance

3 Levels of QA before a Lead is closed, CAN SPAM Trained Resources, GDPR Compliant process

Risk Reward Model

Our flexible pricing models allow you to pay per lead, building a zero risk model for you.

Case Studies

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