Beyond Codes offers a variety of engagement models for each client. We created customized engagement models for our clients. As meetings are billed on completion, based on a previously established definition of a meeting, the clients literally have ZERO RISK. We cater to all client needs – whether it is outcome-based, retainership-based on a hybrid of the two. Meetings remain an important part of the model, with a certain minimum number of meetings pre-defined in the agreement.

All engagement models have clearly established SLAs. A specific number of meetings is built into each model, along with other parameters, thus clearly setting out expectations and a standard by which to judge outcomes.

Everything we do is based on our research-based Call Smart model. Research is integrated into the entire process, and models are aligned with the client’s budget and requirements. Rather than a standardized approach for every client, we offer multiple options and great flexibility.

Our Differentiators

People, Process & Systems

People, Process & Systems, the three pillars of our organizations delivery framework.

Call Smart Model

Our proprietary Call SMART methodology connects you to the right decision-makers and influencers in the industry with more predictable ROI

Compliance and Quality Assurance

3 Levels of QA before a Lead is closed, CAN SPAM Trained Resources, GDPR Compliant process

Risk Reward Model

Our flexible pricing models allow you to pay per lead, building a zero risk model for you.

Case Studies

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