Retail and CPG

Retail and CPG industries are an ever-changing world. e-Commerce and changing consumer preferences have transformed this space beyond recognition. New business models and new players define this industry today. Beyond Codes works closely with your sales team as an ABM strategy expert for your must-win accounts. We work as an extension of your sales team and set up appointments with key decision-makers within named accounts. See our capabilities in the Retail and CPG industries.

Canada Capabilities

Canada is a very distinct market compared to the US or other growing economies of the world. Our services in the Canadian markets are based upon cultural and geographic diversity that Canada is known for. Our multilingual capabilities with special focus on French(the second most spoken language in Canada), our ground-level support across Montreal and Ontario, and our Anti-Spam Compliant processes are designed specifically to help you succeed in these diverse markets. See our capabilities in the Canadian markets.

UK & Europe Capabilities

Our journey in the European markets has been full of learnings and growth. Our array of services can keep you ahead of the competition in these diverse markets. Our multilingual capabilities, GDPR compliant process, and expertize across industries and service offerings can help you grow. Beyond Codes has been helping the leading IT/ITeS/Product companies with their expansion plans across Europe. See our capabilities in the UK & European markets.

BFSI Capabilities

The Banking and Financial Services industry is undergoing major disruptions, be it challenges from newer digital service providers, who are challenging the traditional banking models with their platforms or the ever-changing and emerging regulations. Beyond Codes with the help of extensive databases, account profiling, and research, connect leading IT/ITes companies to relevant decision-makers. See our capabilities in the BFSI industry.

Energy & Utilities Capabilities

The Energy and Utilities industry undergoes a constant transformation. Rapidly evolving technology and digitalization have created significant opportunities for the IT / ITeS and the BPO players. Beyond Codes helps the IT / ITeS industries to setup B2B appointments with the relevant stakeholders and decision-makers in the Energy and Utilities industry. See our capabilities in the Energy and Utilities industry.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Capabilities

Growing costs, changing landscape of patient engagement, changing regulatory environment and the drive to go digital is impacting the Life Sciences and Healthcare companies. Given the compliance challenges, these companies are very cautious about working with IT / ITeS providers. Beyond Codes helps the IT / ITeS industries to set up appointments with the relevant stakeholders and decision-makers. See our capabilities in Healthcare & Life sciences industry.

Manufacturing Capabilities

As the world becomes global the Manufacturing industry needs to constantly innovate, launch new products, build new capabilities and merge. Beyond Codes works with leading IT / ITeS service providers as an extension of their sales team. Using our extensive databases, account profiling, and research we help our clients connect to the relevant decision-makers across the C level suite. See our capabilities in the Manufacturing industry.

RPA, AI & Machine Learning Capabilities

In the digital universe, data, analytics, and AI play a key role in transforming businesses to make better decisions, improve operations and generate new revenue streams with data monetization. Beyond Codes help IT giants to promote their services to businesses in finding new data monetization opportunities, data personalization, data visualization, and architect solutions for Big Data plans. See our capabilities in RPA, AI & ML services.