Case Study

Reaping a $7MN Harvest For a Global Top 5 BPO

About The Client

Our Client is one of the Top 5 Business process outsourcing company with global footprint and offices and development centers across the world.

Business Challenge

“The client was looking to build relationship with key Decision Makers & Influencers across different levels in the top 50 banks in the USA, with the aim of winning business.”

The Approach

Instituting a Dedicated Team

A seven-member, full-time, dedicated team was extensively trained, consisting of : 4 Lead generators, 1 Research Analyst, 1 Lead Nurturing Resource and 1 Contact Discovery Expert.

Initiating Contact Discovery

The Contact Discovery expert ensured that the desired titles and designations across the top 50 banks were meticulously identified, understood, verified, and their details updated not through cold calling but through focused and professional network-building.

Deploying the Call-Smart Model

The Call-Smart model adopted a well-thought of, data and research-driven strategy for precalling, on-calling, and post-calling. This involved gaining an in-depth understanding of the profiles and the titles of the banking professionals, and making focussed, personalized, and targeted calls to them on the client’s behalf, with the aim of scheduling meetings and maximizing positive outcomes. The dedicated team underwent thorough and rigorous internal and external training sessions for under standing the banking business, its products, services and processes, and the BPO client’s value propositions. Calls were made, matching various profiles with customized and highly compelling messaging.

Scheduling Meetings & Influencing Their Outcome

Basis the initial round of calling, the first round of meetings were scheduled, where the dedicated team played a pivotal role in making the first pitch on behalf of the client, and sparking interest. Conclusive discussions were taken forward to the second round by the Client.

Business Outcomes

  • Beyond Codes not just helped in Contact Discovery, but also built a sales funnel for the BPO.
  • Within a period of 6 months, Beyond Codes generated 176 high impact meetings for the Client followed by Lead Nurturing by setting up follow-up discussions.
  • 2,800 Contacts built and updated through the Contact Discovery process over a period of 6 months across the top 50 banks in the USA.
  • 310 Discussions kick-started; 6-7 attempts per contac.
  • 176 Post discussions face to face meetings and conference calls initiated.
  • $7 mn worth of business opportunity generated.

This campaign created a larger platform for Beyond Codes to replicate this success story in other geographies and industry verticals. Beyond Codes worked closely with Client’s team in designing, running and managing campaigns globally and successfully helped them in establishing fruitful relationships with the Key Decision Makers and Influencers which ultimately helped in closing the deals.

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