Case Study

Account Based Marketing Program:Identifying a Named Account For a Leading IT Company: Creating An Opportunity Which Resulted In a Deal, 20X The Average Deal Size

Business Challenge

We were recruited by a reputed IT service provider to look for a Whale — a large enterprise account that would help our client scale and increase revenue by thirty percent in the coming year. We started the scouting process to identify the right fit for our client — a Whale large enough to fill their corporate belly for the entire year. This process included proprietary research methods, networking, sales intelligence, and our Call SMART approach. After five months, the Fortune #1 Whale, a top 5 retail player, surfaced as a promising match. Our client confirmed that this enormous prospect would be a good fit for their business goals, capacity, and software solutions. We then set out on an expedition to Whale hunt the named account, with the mission to sell a network-wide upgrade to the logistics system.

The Campaign: How Did We Bag This Whale Deal?

Our business development process matched the scale and focus of a real-world Whale hunt, involving scouting, hunting, and harvesting phases. Through our Call SMART model, our seasoned scouts reached out to VP’s and Directors from relevant teams across the named account, including Business Intelligence & Analytics, Master Data Management, Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, Data Warehousing, Information Security, Data Quality & Migration and other IT Services.

Our hunters secured meetings and provided the client with visibility into the process of how the right person was identified and what message was delivered. Timely communication and regular updates on the progress were an integral part of the engagement. Our team helped uncover business opportunities that the client could harvest year over year.

Bringing home, a Whale — especially one of this magnitude — required a multidisciplinary team of experts. Together, we pursued the account from multiple directions.

Our 360-degree Approach Meant Nothing Was Left To Chance:

The program was an enormous success. Our client was able to get in front of key decision makers at the right time and with a thorough understanding of their problems and the dynamics of their industry. They sold services to the named account that exceeded their revenue goals for the year and established a lasting and highly profitable relationship that continues to this day.

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