Case Study

Our Focused Account Based Marketing Services Helped Us Win a Large Account for Our Client

Business Challenge

One of our clients—a reputed, globally expanding Indian IT services provider approached us last year with a direct yet profound question, “How do we win the business for a leading auto manufacturer’s enterprise-wide workflow and reporting system?” Implicit in the question was a challenge to demonstrate our client’s technical prowess, value-oriented service, and on-time execution in a company known for its engineering supremacy. We knew immediately that this would be no ordinary prospect fishing exercise; the Whale account had surfaced, and we would need every bit of our experience and specialization in winning giant deals to bring home this project for our client.

The Campaign: How Did We Bag This Whale Deal?

Our Whale account hunting process matched the scale and focus of a real-world Whale hunt, involving scouting, hunting, and harvesting phases.

Scout: Our client had a Whale deal in its sights, and we needed to follow through all the steps of scouting to generate a comprehensive information pipeline to know everything we could possibly discover

Hunt: Armed with information—both from the client and the Whale account—we began the next phase of the process. In the Hunt phase, we crafted targeted messages, shared case studies, presentations, whitepapers to hit the mark from multiple directions

Harvest: We entered the last phase with one objective: bring together the expertise of Sales and Operations to help our client close the deal. We launched an intensive effort to gather pre-sales intel, providing our client with perspectives, interviews, and insights from this Whale prospect.

Beyond Codes launched the focused Named Account campaign to Harpoon client’s Whale account. The typical duration was up to 1 year that included detailed profiling of named account.

Our 360-degree approach meant nothing was left to chance:

The single-most important reason why our client came to us with the challenge was they didn’t have the resources or expertise to pursue this Whale of a deal. What they needed most from us was resources with the know-how to win this deal. We spent a lot of time in the initial weeks getting to know the details of our client’s business processes and operating principles. This helped us ramp up and serve as experts on behalf of our client’s business. Once we had a multi-disciplinary team trained on our client’s business, we leveraged our expertise and sales acumen to go after the account from multiple directions.

Our Dedicated Lead Generation Specialist kept up a steady pace of appointments, setting up the two harpooners on the client side with meetings for conversion.


This resulted in meetings with Decision Makers genuinely interested in the client offerings thus revealing well-defined business opportunities. Within a span of 12 months, the client received a steady flow of 46 meetings in its Named Account. In addition to securing meetings, Beyond Codes organized a Golf Event & a Wine & Cheese Dinner for building deeper relationships with the Prospects.

  • 49 % meeting were setup face to face
  • 72 % meetings with C level and VP level executives
  • 36 % meetings went into second and third level follow up conversations

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