Case Study

How Market Intelligence Kept a Top 5 Technology Giant’s Analyst Relations Team Ahead of the Curve

About The Client

For a global top 5 technology giant, our following strategic approach helped achieve its objectives and gain a competitive edge in the market.


The following 3 attributes of our strategy served as clinchers in growing this partnership:

  • By providing detailed notes for all briefings, inquiries and RFP interaction calls scheduled with analyst firms, we ended up helping the client’s Analyst Relations team to keep a real-time tab on analyst interactions. This cost-effective process helped our client receive accurate and precise information, which in turn facilitated in their decision-making.
  • By providing reports based on emerging technologies, we helped the client understand each segment of their competition in detail. Reports based on emerging technologies kept the client well-informed about the competition and the current market scenario process in the short and long run.
  • By deploying technologically advanced social media monitoring tools to track competitors, we enabled our client to prepare business strategies based on the real-time social media data we provided, and this ensured that they gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We also tracked one of the largest industry events and identified the competitors that were taking part. Our team of experts created detailed event reports and provided relevant insights, which helped the client take a call regarding attending the event after calculating its opportunity cost.


Beyond Codes consistently provided accurate, insightful and real-me information to its client about its competitors, and the industry in general. It played an indispensable part in all analyst firm briefings and added value at each step with its result driven approach. The client acknowledged this invaluable contribution, and the successful partnership since over year and a half has blossomed to the extent that now we are a strategic research partner to our client’s analyst relations team, helping them achieve their analyst relations goals.

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