Multilingual Appointment Setting – Outsourcing What You Can’t Offshore

Most organizations realize that they need to increase their lead generation efforts. Some people look for lead-generation engines to develop in-house cells but look for other experts to help – especially small, resources constrained or early-stage companies.


What is the offer in outsourcing? It provides instant access to qualified, experienced staff in the environment with all the appropriate equipment at their disposal.


In other words, it allows you to hit the ground running with your lead generation efforts.


If you need lead generation – can you wait for up to three months, and requires you to hire, train and organize your team, provide appropriate facilities and check related equipment and technology.


There is no guarantee that after this delay and cost it will be successful.


The questions you need to ask yourself before onboarding in-house lead generation activity are:


1. Have you got the right people (this is not an easy thing anyone can do)?
2. Have you got the right management and supervision?
3. Have you got the proper reporting?
4. How long before seeing results? Will they be the right results?


On the other hand, if you outsource, you bypass all these potential headaches. If you are selling in several countries, then outsourcing can provide additional benefits.


If you need to interact with your markets in different languages ​​and still insist on doing this at home, you will have to face additional costs, complexity and challenges:


1. Can your lead general manager or supervisor speak these languages?
2. Are all your agents multilingual?
3. Do some markets or customers want to talk to native speakers only?
4. Is the market demand for one country similar to the other?
5. Can you justify full-time employees for every language?
6. How easy is it to turn it on and off?


Many companies recognize these issues and see outsourcing as a solution. Unfortunately, even though they do, many still make fundamental errors with their outsourcing approach.


Some keep English as in-house and outsource all other major languages. Alternatively, some decide to keep separate agencies in each country (what they think as market-leading agencies).


While this approach may make sense on paper, but it brings a range of problems:


  • You will need to train and manage many agencies – it can become a significant assignment.
  • Where is consistency? How can you protect your brand and reputation in approach, message results, quality, reporting, etc.?
  • If you do not spread your business, then no agency will give it priority and results will suffer.
  • A smaller market will deliver lower outcomes, so you could mistakenly think an agency is performing relatively poorly when it is extracting the most from a small, difficult market, compared to a lazy agency hoovering up the low hanging fruit from an easy market.
  • How can you build a strong working relationship or partnership needed to make this work, when you are dealing with multiple agencies?


Outsourcing to a trustworthy multilingual appointment setting agency can avoid these drawbacks because it offers:


  • Employee Quality – These agencies know what they are doing and know what a good lead generation or telemarketing agent is.
  • They have excellent training programs to continue their staff to deliver results for their clients because if they were not, then there would be no other customers.
  • You only need to explain your product, service, and message once. The agency will ensure that its employees receive it.
  • They can schedule language resources to meet the demand as and when required.
  • They will have an overview of the entire campaign, which helps you give valuable information so that you can send your message to the markets as needed.
  • You will receive continuous reporting, which will allow you to analyze the entire campaign accurately.
  • When you want to expand the campaign – they have the mechanisms and resources in place to respond quickly. If you had invested in in-house resources, all these activities would take time and money.
  • A reputable agency will work with you to define legitimate targets and will move heaven and earth to meet these targets. Will you get the same focus from an in-house team?
  • Possibly the most significant advantage is that you get “one throat to choke.” If it goes off beam, you only have one provider to blame, so it is faster to identify problems and more importantly, agree on a plan of action to dodge them.


Working with Multilingual Lead Generation Agency will be transformed into a long-term partnership which is productive and hopeful. However, it is essential that you do not fall in the corporate hubris trap. Under any circumstances, you should not think that “this stuff is easy; we should save money and bring it in-house”.


Lead Generation is not easy – Telemarketing and telesales are not suitable for everyone. Those who are good in it, they enjoy it, and those who are not successful tend to run screaming from the building.


Do you want to do this from scratch when the agencies provide cost-effective, good quality, flexible, responsive and accountable service without the need for any expensive staffing or infrastructure costs?