Multilingual Appointment Setting – Outsourcing What You Can’t Offshore

Most organizations are aware that they need to increase their lead generation efforts. It is easier for big organizations to develop in-house cells that can focus on the lead generation efforts, but the same isn’t possible for a small, resource-constrained or early-stage company.
What does outsourced lead generation efforts offer? It provides access to qualified experienced staff in the environment with all the appropriate equipment at their disposal.
In-house lead generation is a tedious activity that requires one to hire, train, and organize the team with appropriate facilities like equipment and technology. Even after all these efforts, one can assume that the return on investment will take time to show a positive impact on the business.
There are several questions that need to be considered before onboarding in-house lead generation activity. Some of them are:

  1. Have you hired the right people?
  2. Are they under the right management and supervision?
  3. Is proper reporting being done?
  4. Are the results oriented with the goal of the company?

On the other hand, outsourcing lead generation activity can save you from this hassle, it is more beneficial.
Interacting with markets in different languages while having an in-house lead generation cell will lead to additional costs, complexities, and challenges:

  1. Is your lead general manager or supervisor able to speak multiple languages?
  2. Are all of your agents multilingual?
  3. Are some markets or customers demanding a native speaker?
  4. Is the market demand for one country similar to the others?
  5. Will your full-time employees be able to speak different languages?

Many companies are able to identify these issues and see outsourcing as a solution. Unfortunately, even after this many companies still make fundamental errors with their outsourcing approach.
Some agencies keep English as an in-house lead generation effort and outsource all other major languages. Alternatively, some agencies invest in different agencies in each country, an approach by the market-leading agencies.
While this approach may make sense on paper, it does also bring a range of problems:

  • Training and managing many agencies can become a significant assignment.
  • If you do not spread your business, then no agency will give it priority and results will suffer.
  • A smaller market will deliver lower outcomes, this can lead to mistakenly thinking that an agency is performing relatively poorly while it is extracting the most from the small, difficult market.
  • How can you build a strong working relationship while dealing with multiple agencies?

Outsourcing to a trustworthy multilingual appointment setting agency can avoid these drawbacks because it offers:

  • Employee Quality – These agencies know what they are doing and know what a good lead generation or telemarketing agent is.
  • They have excellent training programs to deliver results for their clients.
  • You only need to explain your product, service, and message once, the agency will ensure that its employees understand it.
  • They can schedule language resources to meet the demand as and when required.
  • They will have an overview of the entire campaign, which helps you give valuable information so that you can send your message to the markets as needed.
  • You will receive continuous reporting, allowing you to analyze the entire campaign accurately.
  • They have the mechanisms and resources to expand the campaigns.
  • A reputable agency will work with you to define legitimate targets and will help you achieve the same.
  • The most significant advantage is that it helps in faster identifying problems and agreeing on a plan of action to avoid them.


Working with a Multilingual Lead Generation Agency can be productive and help transform into a long term partnership. However, under any circumstance, you should not think that the same work can be done by us and will help us in saving money.


Lead Generation is not easy, as telemarketing and telesales are not suited for everyone.
Do you want to do this from scratch when the agencies provide cost-effective, good quality, flexible, responsive, and accountable service without the need for any expensive staffing or infrastructure costs?