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This Is How You Make An Irresistible Sales Pitch

THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE AN IRRESISTIBLE SALES PITCHCRAFTING A GOOD SALES PITCH IS NOT THAT EASY. Let’s face this, there is nothing alluring about the idea of a traditional sales pitch. The reason why is that because a sales pitch is not anymore a ‘pitch’ in the sense that you throw info at your prospect like a baseball player would pitch a baseball at the batsman.


Do you remember that clingy kid in your 4th-grade class who could not keep from touching everyone? I am sure you do because you spent lunch break each day just to make sure he was not anywhere near you.


The worst thing was when he would be behind you in line as you went to the assembly. Standing in the line you had to decide what was a worse fate – having him touch you many times or having to stand on a sunny morning and sweating throughout the principal’s lecture. Just thinking of him probably causes your stomach to curdle and your throat to swell up.


Relax ! you are no more in school! No assembly line in front of that clingy kid.


But it’s very likely that your lead nurturing strategy is no better than that creepy 4th-grade kid! It’s one touch after another, with each touch annoying the person a bit more.


Just in the last couple of weeks, I’ve received 5 emails and a couple of voicemails from the same sales rep. All of the emails were about I must have missed his previous messages and we should definitely talk. Each email was about the want to get in touch, but nothing about the reason – how it would be beneficial to me. I have decided to give this sales rep the creepy 4th grader award.




Let’s face this, there is nothing alluring about the idea of a traditional sales pitch.


The reason why is that because a sales pitch is not anymore a ‘pitch’ in the sense that you throw info at your prospect like a baseball player would pitch a baseball at the batsman.


Today, an effective sales pitch is a two-way street, a healthy conversation where you listen to the customer, ask real questions and offer them a solution to a challenge which they are facing.


“A successful sales pitch isn’t a monologue. It’s a dialogue.”


And it’s pretty obvious that the idea of a dialogue between you and your buyer makes more sense than a monologue, right?


As simple as it sounds, a convincing sales pitch require beforehand work and a conscious effort to wander off the script. Creating effective sales presentations or convincing sales pitch is an art which is perfected over time and comes with hands-on experience.






If you are using email to send your sales pitch, crafting a perfect subject line is crucial. The subject line and the opening sentence will work as a hook to capture your customer’s attention.


You need to mold your hook in such a way that it connects with your buyer’s needs and also communicates the story of your business. If you get these two aspects right, you are very likely to engage your customer and convince them to further read your email.




Once you have convinced your customer to continue reading your email, your next move is to show how you can help them. You should be aware of a common issue that your customer faces which your product or service can resolve.


If you are a salesperson, you probably love the features of your product or service. But your customer isn’t interested in your product or service. They are interested in just one thing, which is what your product will do for them.


In your sales pitch, directly address the issues that your buyer faces. Then concentrate on how your product or service can help fix those problems. By dealing with the problem head-on, your customer will see that their needs have been taken into account and the fix is made. Isn’t it a good way to prove how brilliant is your product or offering?




Dimensional Research conducted a survey and found that 90% of respondents claimed that reading positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions. Keeping this in mind, you should make your pitch embedded with facts and statistics that back up your claims.


When you are creating your sales pitch, make sure that you include case studies and testimonials which also contains facts and figures to prove the success of your offering. If you claim that you can solve your customer’s problems, tell them how, with facts.




You now have a pitch that addresses your customer’s problems, shows them how your product or service can help them solve their problem, and you have backed your claims with facts and figures. The next step that you need to take is to give your customer a clear instruction on what they need to do next.


So what would that be? Ask for the sale of course!


According to a source, 85% of the interactions between salespeople and prospects end without the salesperson ever asking for the sale.


Yes! You read that right. A whopping 85%.


By now, you have convinced your customer of the brilliance of your offering and next is how they can take advantage of it. Do they need to pick up the phone and make a call to you directly or need to click a link to your website? If you have come this far, don’t be shy to ask for the sale.




According to a study found, 70% of unanswered sales email chains stop after the first email attempt.


However, there is a 21% chance you will get a response to your second email if the first goes unanswered. These figures prove the importance of follow-up after a sales pitch.


Don’t shy from trying again and again. After all, there is a 30% chance that a customer gets back to you after several follow-ups. You should follow up until you either get a yes or a definite no from your customer. It’s wrong to interpret a lack of response from your customer as a no.




The next time you are about to pitch an offering to a customer, make sure you use the above-outlined tips and judge the result yourself.


Remember, ditch the traditional idea of a sales pitch using templates and place your customer’s need at the forefront of your mind. Storytell your brand’s success and how brilliant is your product and service and back them up with facts and figures. Work efficiently to engage your customers and you are sure to find a winning strategy for all your future sales pitch.