Effective marketing is a key to a successful business and there’s no denying the fact.

In a sea full of fish, you gotta be a shark to get going. And any business, whether small or large, should have a solid approach towards result oriented marketing. Marketing is not an approach, but a need of a successful business and should not be looked as an expense which should be minimalised.

1) Absence of understandability of the Audience.

The biggest marketing blunder is the lack of understanding of the target audience or not having a pre-defined target audience in the first place. This becomes a kind of shotgun approach where you shoot your message out to everyone and wait hopefully for someone to be interested.

2) Relevancy

Another big reason why most marketing efforts fail is because they aren’t relevant enough. Relevancy in marketing is a value exchange. Clients and prospects are exchanging their consideration for your information. And if they refuse to pay attention, it’s because the information provided by you isn’t worthy enough to grab it. The key to being more relevant is nothing but goes back to point one. Period !

3) Blaming the medium

You need to appreciate the fact that blames don’t clean the mess; they only smear the blame on your face. Make changes!

As self explanatory as the expression is, there’s no point starting the blame game.

Another important mistake in Marketing which mostly small business owners make is to blame the medium if the marketing doesn’t work or garner results. Mostly, medium takes all the blame for a failed campaign. Marketing is like a chain and the problem in the chain lies in it’s weakest link. There can be a lot of problem from tracking the offer, the copy and it’s follow up process to sales. The problem can even be in the product which is being sold. Still, nearly 100 % of the small business owners put the blame in choice of the medium. In reality, the medium had almost zero chance of working because the business had likely 10 other problems which needed to be fixed before the medium to make an impact in the whole campaign.

4) Being unrealistic with numbers.

It is very important to be realistic with numbers. Most businesses or corporations have no clue about the cost which they are bearing to fetch a new lead or client. This happens partly because they are not tracking their data. How can one know whether the medium is working or not if they don’t know the cost to acquire a new lead or customer.

5) Marketing behind the desk

Almost no marketing will happen behind your desk. Great marketing happens only when you actually invest time with your customers or prospects and learning what they really want and what they are all about. A great relation with your customer always play a wonderful role in maintaining business terms for the future too.

If you want to succeed in your marketing, you must know your clients or customers and that will not happen while you look at your laptop in the office.

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