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Five Reasons Why Email Marketing Is The Best Omnichannel Strategy

With too much digital clutter and the availability of too many social media platforms, doing effective marketing becomes tough. Too many options always dilute the efforts, and this is what is happening in the marketing scenario. As a marketer, the best way to get the best results is to build effective marketing strategies. And effective marketing strategies can be developed when you take every communication channel, your audience, and content into consideration. This kind of approach is what is known as the omnichannel approach.


An omnichannel approach focuses on having meaningful conversations that drive more conversations. And to do that, marketers need to give their customers personalized customer experience irrespective of the platform.


Email marketing is the most valued tactic in an omnichannel marketing approach as it gives the highest ROI among other digital marketing channels. Yes, email marketing isn’t dead. If you think so, you cannot be more wrong. More and more people are signing up for email accounts. It is the best way to interact with your customer one on one through personalized messages. And above all, it is cost-effective.


Below we list down six ways to leverage email marketing in an omnichannel approach.


#1 By enabling a one on one interaction


One on one communication can work miracles, and email marketing does precisely that. By this technique, you can establish a clear and smooth conversation with your prospects.


All the user must do is sign up to your email list. You can segment customers into different lists using information that is provided by email subscribers along with their previously shared interactions. Based on that, you can create customized emails and send them to the segmented lists to generate better engagement.


#2 By providing customers with the upper hand


Email marketing is purely permission-based. It is the choice of the client to know about the kind of offers, deals and promotions you have for them.


It means that businesses can have better control over their clients through email than social media marketing. A brand may not have a stronghold on its social media followers after all. Moreover, organic reach has been curbed by a lot of social media platforms. It is not the case with email marketing. It is free of sudden algorithmic changes. All you need to do is maintain properly segmented lists and send customized content to them regularly.


#3 Tapping into behaviour-based targetting


What is your subscriber interested in? Analyzing the customer’s behaviour allows a company to understand them better. Monitoring your customer’s online transactions can reveal a lot about their buying behaviour. Based on the kind of action the buyers take. Be it downloading an ebook or purchasing a certain product or moving a product to the cart. You can send them behaviour-based emails.


When you do so, you build real-time communication with your clients. Doing so cultivates trust as it gives a clear message to your customers that you understand them.


#4 By improving user experience


Technology keeps on adapting with the change in practices and passing of time. By keeping up with these changes, the company engages a high number of customers. Try to come up with new and engaging technologies which increase the visual appeal for the user. Create a cohesion among all your platforms to make sure your user’s experience is the same.


#5 By offering rewards


When you host a loyalty program among customers who are super active and provide your brand qualified engagement, it brings a chance to gain prospects. Referral programs help in creating a new list of the customer base as an existing active client body backs it. Once the referrals are made, the current customers get the promised referral bonuses. A perfect symbiotic relationship!


Email is the common link-


Email addresses are mostly used for signing up to other social media platforms and it is the most commonly used social id. Many users sign up to different e-commerce platforms. Based on that digital marketers can build a full-fledged profile of their customers.


The biggest challenge one faces as a marketer is there are too many platforms and the audience is scattered. What one needs to do is to bring these platforms in sync and give their customers a personalized experience irrespective of the platform. It doesn’t matter where and how the customer engages with you.


Omnichannel marketing strategy is the need of the hour, and every marketer needs to know it. By optimizing your email marketing strategy, a brand can create endless positive experiences for their clients. In other words, email marketing is an excellent harvesting technique which will generate fruitful revenue for you.