Rethinking Lead Generation: A Marketer’s Perspective

Rethinking Lead Generation

The Covid – 19 virus continues to impact the global economy and has caused far more disruptions than anticipated. Every challenge presents an opportunity, and this is no different. Businesses are looking at newer ways to engage, new operating models and a spurt in technology investments. However, the overall environment continues to remain cautious. With the given climate where consumers are reluctant, it is wise to initiate better planning, smarter marketing, and lay out a much adaptable B2B lead generation strategy that can help pick up the momentum.
Highs and lows are what help businesses adapt to various circumstances and respond to pressure. Now that your target audience is more active online, here are some best practices that can help you reinvent your marketing plans without worrying about budget cuts or reevaluating investments.

  1. Customer Experience (CX) Is the Key: Initiate a well-planned customer experience strategy where you can help them during their buyer journey process, making it simpler for them to look at your content, doing appropriate lead nurturing and engagement at relevant times.

  3. Enhance the Trust Factor: Delivering consistency and improving upon a relationship with your customer is needed more than ever. Your customers look forward to transparency and will value the relationship way more than you can imagine.

  5. Allocate Bigger Budget for Digital: With a ‘work-from-home’ culture and ‘stay-at-home’ restraints, your prospects are likely to be spending more time on the internet and this can be a great opportunity for you. To boost your presence and be noticed, allocating marketing budget entirely towards a digital strategy will benefit you.


A Fresh Approach to Lead Generation During Pandemic

To reinvent a strong marketing plan during the pandemic you need apt guidance. Here are a few methods that can help you boost lead generation and guide you to channel your efforts in the right direction:

Website Optimization

In this day and age where online presence is a necessity, make sure you evaluate your website and conduct a thorough audit to gauge where your online traffic is coming from and how can you accentuate your outreach. You can then add lead generation forms on the page that drive higher traffic to ensure you never miss out on quality leads.

Utilize Marketing Automation Tools

Now is the time where looking at your database can help you re-create a stronger lead generation output in collaboration with marketing automation tools. Let’s see how that can be done:

  • All this while you might have been using lead scoring for your prospects, however, it is a unique component that can also be used for your existing customers. By determining lead scores on your current database, you can widen your ability to assess up-sell or cross-sell to your customers. Once you know how strong that score is, you can share appropriate content about your add-on services or products that can help educate the customer about your offerings and influence them to make the purchase.
  • Your marketing automation platform can identify inactive users. For instance, the prospects who have not engaged with your business for a while now or were part of a marketing campaign but never engaged further can be fresh prospects. You can run a campaign exclusively for your inactive users with free trials, discounts, early access to service and products, and much more to re-engage them.


Boost Digital Content

In times of crisis where everyone is cooped up at home, digital content steals the show when it comes to enabling a strong presence. In comparison to any marketing effort, increasing your digital footprint is essential to enhance lead generation.

  • Online Events: All physical events are either canceled or postponed, however that cannot dampen the spirits of generating leads and making sales. Businesses have now opened doors to e-events. You can now set up highly intuitive virtual events that will draw the attention of your target audience and probably even have a wider reach with no hassles of traveling.
  • Interactive Webinars: Webinars are a great way to engage with your audience and help educate them about the latest products, services that you may offer. Webinars add more value to online interaction as businesses can showcase their product, take feedback, answer queries, offer discounts/trials, and also take down orders in real-time. This is by far the quickest way to engage with your audience and generate verified leads.
  • Power of Video: A recent research shared that nearly 60% of executives prefer watching videos than reading text. Utilize this opportunity to improve your video marketing, it can be in multiple forms. From tutorials to promotions, testimonials to catalog walkthroughs, the options are endless
  • Live Chats & Chatbots: Capture verified leads, answer queries instantly, and engage better with your online traffic by adding live chat and chatbot to your website. The effort ensures you never miss an interaction and helps automate your marketing and lead generation efforts.


Leverage Experienced Sales Team Support

The dynamics of sales have changed more than before where your sales teams cannot physically meet or connect with prospects. Sales cycle have now become quite unpredictable and competitive. Strategize to utilize technological advancement and connect with relevant target audience by leveraging your sales through skilled appointment setting. Create a smarter impact on your sales pipeline and connect with relevant prospects and key decision-makers.
With the world recuperating and re-inventing business strategies, these methods if channeled correctly can help boost revenue and generate leads faster. You now have the potential to modify strategies, multiply marketing efforts, and invest in digital content that can bring you much stronger and help you better your customer engagement at each level.