lead acquisition

Most Effective Ways for Quality Lead Acquisition

One of the most important aspects of sales and marketing strategy is lead acquisition. And always the most crucial aspect is the most difficult one. Lead acquisition isn’t easy, and it is always an ordeal generating new leads, especially during hot scorching summers where even your existing pool of leads start drying up. Usually, because summer months are slow, but we have got seven tips for you to get over slow summer and end this quarter on a high.


#1. Email Marketing-


Email marketing may seem like a primitive way in terms of marketing, but it is still one of the most effective ways to generate leads apart from lead nurturing. It all depends on how carefully you carve your email campaigns. It all depends on targeting the right audience and pushing the right content in their mailboxes. And email marketing still gives the best ROI among all marketing ways.


#2. Blogging-


Blogging done the right way can help you generate a lot of leads. Take cues from HubSpot and how they have taken blogging to the next level creating blog posts that direct customers and helps them with their pain points. Start writing blogs around the problems of your customers and include where do you fit in as a solution. A right blog once it hits the right chord can help you generate good traffic and also it is good for the overall SEO optimization of your website.


#3. Social media-


Social media isn’t just for fun or putting up random posts to maintain your social media handles. You can build meaningful relationships in your niche through social media. And, once you build better relationships, you can nurture them as leads. Not only that, you can use social media to share downloadable offers to generate leads, website blogs to get more traffic, or sharing case studies to enlighten the audience. It is all up to you the kind of content you share and the way you engage with the audience. It will determine your success in lead acquisition.


#4. Paid search-


If you want to speed up the process of lead generation, you can put in some money and go for paid search. It is one of the best ways to amplify your visibility in search results and specifically target users searching specific keywords online. If filling your sales pipeline is your immediate requirement, paid search is the best thing to do.


#5. Cold Calling-


In this age where marketers are stressing on personalized communication with customers, cold calling does seem like an old primitive technique well known for hindering the privacy of a person. Though it isn’t that bad as it is made out to be and still is one of the most relevant ways to generate leads. When you mix cold calling with email marketing and organizing events, it becomes a highly useful tool for lead generation.


#6. Events-


Events are one of the best ways to generate leads, and whoever thinks that events are dead in the sales and marketing world, they need to recheck their facts. You can get high quality leads organizing events. You can do that either by hosting a booth at a trade show or inviting prospects for coffee and discussions. That way, you build better communication with prospects in your niche.


But hosting events is not enough, many businesses host events, but they miss on one essential thing, and that is following up with the prospects. Once you acquire a lead, it is only the beginning of a long process. You need to nurture them and make them sales-ready as well.


#7. Downloadable Offers-


Have you ever got an invite to a webinar? You must have observed that every time you accept an invite to a webinar, most of them will have a set of downloadable resources. And even if you fail to attend it, the host would make sure to mail you the downloadable resources.


It is pretty similar to that; attending an event is something not everyone can afford due to time constraints and other commitments. So, the best way to milk this situation is to offer every interested prospect a downloadable offer in the form of an eBook or a case study or an infographic or a special discount offer, that way you get lead’s contact information and the lead gets to know more about who you are — a win-win situation for you.


Using these seven methods can add a lot of pace in your quest for lead acquisition. Start with a method first, and then slowly shoot all the seven tips to generate more leads and better results for your organization this quarter.