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Manage What Matters, Outsource your Appointment Setting Requirements

If you’re a young and dynamic start-up, with great proposition which you know will break open that specific market sector, so what can go off beam? There are several start-up companies who had astonishing products/services/ideas, but never made it, Why? Well there is a common reason- they undervalued the cost of sales. This is repeatedly done by these companies, compensating the true cost of sales and creating a pipeline by attempting to change all the present staff into a provisional sales team or they hire in their own telemarketing team which has a huge impact on headcount and budgets, especially if you are not yet geared up in your sales cycle to bear these costs. Thus, outsourcing to an expert B2B telemarketing company where expenses and the sales cycle can be plainly switched on or off, is both striking and convincing.


Every sales process has two stages. You can also say, you don’t just sell once, but twice. The initial time you sell is when you set an appointment with a customer, which is tailed by the real sales. In fact, setting an appointment is not only the primary sale you make, but it is the most critical one.


Appointment setting process for acquiring B2B leads can be monotonous and time consuming. But no matter how challenging it might be, it is mandatory to be completed. So, you need to ask yourself a few simple questions– do you have enough bandwidth to involve your valuable resources to this job? Then again you might wonder – Why waste time in such an elementary and monotonous task of appointment setting when you can rely on knowledgeable sales lead generation companies.


For which you might be wondering, what all do Appointment Setters Do?


  • Make cold calls to the given set of buyer persona
  • Generate leads with their experience and communication skills
  • Schedule/reschedule appointments with prospects
  • Make follow-up calls to ensure the time management
  • Provide general overview/info about the company or business to the prospects
  • Discuss the company’s products or services with the help of scripts and presentations
  • Deal with the misunderstandings that can sometimes occur with setting up appointments
  • Free up resources for other important matters like actual sales


The tone, style, and information transferred in the appointment setting creates the original impression of the business and its products or services to the prospects; and if that impression is undesirable, the appointment and sale conversions are not likely to happen. In all the respects, it is more of an inside sales activity which support setting the stage for the sales demonstration.


Below are a few reasons why outsourcing your appointment setting to a qualified telemarketing company can be valuable to your Organization.


1. These are experienced and competent team of professionals, who can take care of the simplest yet vital tasks such as tele calling & pre-qualifying prospects
2. They can get appointments lined up more proficiently without wasting time and energy
3. You get more time to focus on strategizing your customer conversion activities
4. They acquire actionable list to work on for sales team due to continuing support for capable prospects and confirmed appointments
5. They use personalized appointment setting services to set up appointments in any niche market segment
6. You can depend on devoted team of professionals having knowledge to deal with target decision makers
7. Breaking the ice can take a lot of time. With several tasks to handle, it gets quite monotonous to follow up on leads that can ultimately convert. Outsourcing appointment setting service ensures appropriate and systematic follow up of leads till they confirm
8. When outsourcing appointment setting work to professionals, the sales team can concentrate on improving sales conversions and work on developing new ideas to better connect with prospects


When outsourcing your appointment setting services, it is imperative that you choose the right company that can help you reach your organizational goals. Companies have seen great success outsourcing parts of the business, like lead generation, advertising, and product support. For professionals new to the notion, starting out by outsourcing appointment setting services is a perfect steppingstone towards using outsourcing to their benefit in other areas.


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