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How to Meet Your Sales Targets Consistently

At the end of the year what differentiates one sales rep from another is the target achieved. These targets when achieved help an organization to grow and that is what most sales teams are, judged and their performance measured on.


Sales targets primarily depend on the customer base and the value proposition you take to their customers – that’s what will drive them to buy it.


Achieving sales goals by using sales techniques is more effective when used as part of a sales plan. From a plethora of techniques to choose from, sales people will choose the methods most suitable to their style of selling. Keep on reading to learn how you can successfully achieve your desired sales goals time after time – by effectively reaching your customer base.



Cold Calling is the act of making an unsolicited phone call to a prospect to sell goods / services. This means that the prospect has no knowledge in advance about the call, leading him to view the caller as an uninvited individual.


Understandably for many salespeople, the concept of cold calling carries a negative connotation. Most potential clients being called do not trust these calls and end up hanging the phone even without listening to the entire message.


This does not help you meet your sales target instead leads to significant waste of time.


Plus, the fact that a caller must constantly call hundreds of prospects per day and he doesn’t possess in-depth knowledge about the prospect leads to added wastage of potential leads and financial loss.


Therefore, it is highly preferable that someone is delivering “warm” leads to you; with stronger chances of contacting prospects who have shown interest in your service, it offers more promising results in terms of your sales growth.



Account profiling is a technique where valuable information is gathered in advance from certain accounts to generate essential leads.


The information mostly consists of potential contacts and influences which helps in reaching out to the prospects and establish stronger customer relationships.


The account profiling process takes a considerable amount of time, with all the verification, vetting and contact research before contact is made. It provides in-depth information about the target customer you wish to reach out to for selling your services / solutions External agencies can help you in doing Account based profiling and doing Social media intelligence which can be used to make an effective call.


Account profiling is mostly used to search for stronger leads who are most likely to buy your product / services. This is the best method to avoid wasting precious resources searching for one serious buyer among a hundred prospects.



Account Based Marketing or ABM as defined by Terminus is “A focused approach to B2B marketing in which marketing and sales teams work together to target best-fit accounts and turn them into customers”.


In Account Based Marketing you target customers and map them to sell various services products / solutions that you offer. This can result in an increased revenue from that specific account.


The Account Based Marketing can be done using multiple channels towards a targeted market. Here’s how Beyond Codes created a deal size 20x the average deal size for a leading IT giant using ABM.




Sales channels are essential for opening you up to newer target markets. The most obvious channel today is internet where marketing takes place in the form of Google, Amazon and or social media Advertisements.


There are two types of sales channels; Direct and Indirect. Indirect channels involve websites like Amazon and eBay where you can sell your items but the websites owns the customer experience.


Whereas in direct channels, you can directly approach the prospects via emails, Direct mails or print ads. These send a more steadfast and specific message to your prospects regarding your product. With the advancement of social media in both these types of channels internet and online services are unavoidable in order to increase your business potential and meet your sales targets.


To sustain considerable growth through your consumer base, it is highly recommended that you implement the above-mentioned strategies and act decisively to meet your desired sales target.
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