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Five Great Tips to Make Better Sales in Summer

Sunshine and summer always look cool in Instagram stories and breathtaking visuals on social media, but it is not the same for all.


Ask a B2B marketer or a salesperson?


Sales drop-down to staggering numbers and is a painful experience for businesses. The reason for this dip in revenue is that most prospects are out enjoying their vacations and experiencing a much-needed blissful break from emails, phone calls, and buzzing social media.


Yes, vacations are much needed and help people boost their overall productivity, but it is for sure, an ordeal for B2B businesses to push their sales targets. This slowdown not only affects productivity but also brings down the morale of the whole office. As a marketer or a salesperson, you must have questioned yourself at times that how you get through this slowdown or what can you do during summers to post better numbers.


Summers cannot be avoided, that’s a harsh truth, but we are humans after all, and we do have the habit of adapting and overcoming challenges. Now, how do you overcome the problem of slow sales in summer? We have got five incredible tips for you.


1. Always be prepared


If you are a fan of the DC universe, you must be familiar with Batman and his prep time. Batman is someone who always plans and has a strategy devised for every situation. As a marketer, have a planned approach. Summers have always been a problem for sales, so why not design a strategy for it.


Since your business is going through a downtime, use this time to get yourself ready for the upcoming busy months. Craft an effective email marketing campaign, get the creatives and blogposts done in advance, or you can go two steps ahead and create an enticing downloadable offer to get leads.


As a marketer or a salesperson, your year would be buzzing with activities, so lay down a plan for all of it. Create emails, keep your content, and landing pages ready for your upcoming events. So, that when the lead is ready, you too are well equipped to make a catch.


2. Remember- Nurturing client is a continuous process


Keep doing your duty and do not think of the result is what most holy scriptures say. Interactions with customers are never constant throughout the year. They are variable just like our monthly seasons. Your customers won’t check their emails when they are enjoying their vacations. So, how about staying around with them via social media. Experiment with your social media strategy and nurture them through those channels.


Every season has its habits, and as a professional, you need to adapt to different conditions and learn new tricks. The bottom line is to be around your customers wherever they are all through the year and nurture them.


3. Always keep your current clients happy


Your current clients are the centrepiece of your very existence, and you need to keep that in mind during slow summer months. Many a time as businesses, we are busy acquiring new customers and forget our existing clients. We need to realize that maintaining an old customer is far better than acquiring a new one. And it is always better to have a better relationship with your customers.


And these summer months are the best time to focus on your current clients and catch up with them. Ask their feedback, send them free goodies with the objective of making brand ambassadors of your product or service.


4. Offer a discount offer or a promotion


Discount offers, and promotional offers always work and is a proven sales tactic to boost revenue and increase interest among customers. So, you can use this age-old tactic to stir your stagnant summer sales offering a great deal on your products and services.


Offer a free limited trial of your product or a free one-hour consultation. That way you are offering something to your customers that can incite them to get in touch with you and you get a lead in the process.


5. Launch a referral program


Network marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. As it is rightly said, your network is your net worth. Customers are the centrepiece of your business, and if you look carefully, your customers form a robust network. Tap into this power by collaborating them via a referral program. Ask them to refer you to others, and every time someone becomes your client through them, you reward them. That way, you grow your business even when your customers are enjoying their vacations.


If you are a B2B marketer or salesperson, these five tips can help you invigorate your sales process. It can surely help you register some good numbers at the end of the summer season. After all, it is all about performing every quarter and generating sales month after month.