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Best Practices to Boost Sales for a Technology Company

Due to large financial involvements and time commitments, most sales cycles of the technology industry are lengthy. All an individual must do is compare the technology sales cycle with that of the other industries for a better understanding. A long sales cycle is never a good thing. It stretches the deadlines and impacts the growth of a company.


For a company to increase and expand, it is necessary to shorten the technology sales cycle. With an increase in the period of a sales cycle, there will also be unnecessary wastage of resources.


Given below are five tips that can considerably reduce the length of the sales cycle in the technology industry.


1. Understand your prospective clients


The overall selection process is extremely crucial for building an efficient sales cycle. Understand which companies have a requirement for your brand service and product. This, however, does not mean that a company should stick to one sales proposition. With a proper sales cycle plan, companies are free to venture into different business platforms.


Exploring different industries and collaborating with them through business proposals is an edgy task. Finding out proper information regarding the variables such as – company size, budget, and other factors that are crucial for your business gives an added-on benefit.


Researching about these prior mentioned variables may be tough for your sales team. Thus, every business organization relies on the generation of clientele by a B2B lead generation and appointment setting company.


Following up on this step will rule out the possible mistakes that could take place in the future as your company will have detailed account information.


2. Target the decision maker


Talking to anyone other than the key decision maker of a company is like beating around the bush. Unfortunately, this is a major problem that marketing and sales professionals encounter.


Sales proposals when land up in the wrong mailbox, it doesn’t generate the desired result. Skipping the middleman is the key to effective sales. The target should always be a key decision maker of the concerned organization. By knowing who your target audience is, you can save a lot of time and resources. Also, when you approach the decision maker, you reduce the chances of dilution of information as you are pitching the sales cycle directly to the concerned person.


You have to figure out who is really in charge of the decisions and who truly are the influencers. Convincing these people and making an impact on their decision will help you close the deal in a very short duration.


3. Know the pain points of your prospect


If the sales cycle of a company is flawed, they can never reach their full sales potential. In your sales pitch, if you are unable to propose a plan module to tend to an existing predicament, you cannot convince the prospect to do business with you.


Hence, the pitch must have a solution with proper guidelines to be followed. To do so, you need to know about the key pain points of your prospect.


The more details that you have about a decision maker and the company, the easier it will be for you to create a plan that does not require reconsideration.


  • Try to understand the issues that your prospect is currently facing.
  • Analyze the gravity of the situation.
  • Propose a plan which addresses the issues and provides a rigid solution.


By putting forward your brand’s offerings, you can create engagement and impress the decision maker.


4. Tackle the objections early on


The technology sales cycle can speed up if the queries and objections are addressed from the very beginning. Speeding up the process of sales cycle composition is futile if you do not know what sort of guidelines are followed by the brand in concern.


Apart from following the company rules and regulations to reduce the possibility of a guideline breach, you must also take care of addressing the concerns of the company. When you address the issues right at the beginning, it gives you an edge and reduces the possibility of your prospect dismissing the pitch entirely.


5. Invest in the latest technology


Using a CRM is extremely essential in this digital era as most businesses are platform driven. With the need for marketing automation increasing, integrating your marketing automation functions with CRM can take your sales and marketing efforts to a whole new level. It will help you reduce the time taken by your sales cycle.


Internal competition in the technology sector is high. If your company wishes to harvest good profit creating an engaging and abundant technology sales cycle, following these steps will help you reach your desired goals.