Many a times B2B marketers try to appeal more and more target companies by launching very wide of marketing campaigns. Account-based marketing (ABM) is an exactly opposite B2B strategy which focuses on putting sales and marketing resources on a defined set of target audience within a market and deploys custom-made campaigns to resonate with each one of them separately.

Account Based Marketing has seen a significant rise in the investment in the last few years. Account Based Marketing programs for our clients have demonstrated tremendous results and delivered immense value to them. These programs need extensive research, experienced resources and comprehensive plan leveraging multiple channels.

Beyond Codes has worked with the global leaders to identify and generate leads in Named Accounts. With our 360-degree approach, Account-level personalization and Account Intelligence we are able to ensure that we generate high quality leads in named accounts.

How We Deliver

  • We work as an extension of the Sales and Marketing team of our client
  • After shortlisting the named accounts, we work with our clients to define the value proposition for each target individual
  • Our Social media research and account intelligence adds insights about the opportunities and on recent changes in the organization
  • Leveraging multiple channels and lead nurturing we keep the lead active

Why Us

  • Delivered significant results in Account Based Marketing programs
  • Subscription to 22 databases and access to intelligence tools
  • Account Mapping completed of 15000+ companies across functions
  • A team of trained expert resources on the domain, research, lead generation executive is put together with the client team to deliver on the plan

Our Differentiators

People, Process & Systems

People, Process & Systems, the three pillars of our organizations delivery framework.

Call Smart Model

Our proprietary Call SMART methodology connects you to the right decision-makers and influencers in the industry with more predictable ROI

Compliance and Quality Assurance

3 Levels of QA before a Lead is closed, CAN SPAM Trained Resources, GDPR Compliant process

Risk Reward Model

Our flexible pricing models allow you to pay per lead, building a zero risk model for you.

Case Studies

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