How can you generate more leads ? This may be a permanently reoccurring question in your mind if your are into B2B lead generating business. And as tricky as the question can get, there isn’t any easy answer to it.

Even if you are following all the best practices, spending months in planning your activities and strategies, investing in new and proven digital channels, still the leads just trickle in. It can be really disappointing in B2B marketing.

From investing in new digital channels to saving your failing strategy, we’ve covered some of the top issues and topics when it comes to generating more leads. Here’s a summary of top tips to help you turbo-charge your B2B lead generation and boost your ROI:

Allocate spend to testing paid social and advertising channels with caution (you don’t know if you don’t try)

1. Marketers who allocate ad spend to social media channels usually witness a 25% growth in the number of sales targeted through advertising.

2. Both paid social and content advertising are a delicate blend of accurate targeting, relevant messaging as well as continued conversion rate optimization.

3. Native advertising is a digital channel, surely worth testing if you’re goals are to generate traffic and brand awareness through increased content reach.

4. Investing in paid social media activity is always worth a shot if lead generation is your No.1 goal.

5. To generate the best possible return, glancing and forecasting your activity at every stage of the sales funnel is very important.

6. Revising and reviewing your strategic goals for each marketing channel and incorporating conversions objectives for every stage of the sales cycles is equally necessary.

7. Recognize the gaps in your lead generation activity and search those hidden opportunities to generate the best possible ROI from your current marketing activity.

Audit your resources

8. Using digital tools and marketing automation by businesses can increase their channel conversion rate upto 50% with increased lead generation as well.

9. Investing budget in the right resources for your team is essential if you want to boost your lead generation strategy over the next few months.

Be sure to know your B2B buyer very well by building accurate buyer personas, matching your content strategy with their journey and effectively nurturing to sale.

Understand real purchase intentions by getting personal with buyer personas

10. Implement data-driven Buyer Personas, to build an idea of what your buyers are doing in that first 90% of the buying process, and understand the motivations and goals behind their purchase intentions.

Match your content marketing strategy with the B2B Buyer journey

11. Knowing what information the buyer needs and when could be the difference between loosing the sale or winning it as 61% of B2B buyers agreed that the winning vendor delivered a better mix of content.

12. Figure out the B2B buyer journey and recognize your buyer’s information needs at each step. You’ll be able to understand which kind of content will be the most impactful and will be able to convert.

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